Moncton Dentist offering emergency dental service

Emergency Dental Services

If you have a toothache or are in dental pain, we will make every effort to see you within ONE DAY of receiving your call during business hours.

Root Canal

A root canal is necessary when the nerves inside your teeth become inflamed or when there is infection/abscess present. Both these situations can create very uncomfortable symptoms such as throbbing and aching pain, extreme sensitivity to hot or cold, or swelling of the nearby gums.

A root canal can save teeth from needing extraction, and from the patient’s perspective, are not much different than a filling.

Extractions / Oral Surgery

Whether it’s a baby tooth, a tooth that has been damaged tooth beyond repair, or a set of wisdom teeth, our dental team can remove most unwanted teeth. Other minor surgeries related to the gums or placement of dentures can also be completed at our office.

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